Title is Added

Only my brother may understand this title.  I thought that it was funny.

This past weekend was spent at a Casino, Spa and Golf resort somewhere between Riverside and Palm Springs. I was there to support my partner; she was playing in a two-day golf tournament. While she golfed I relaxed in-between getting some personal work done. It was a great three day weekend. She did well in her tournament and I relaxed by the pool and actually accomplished getting some work done.

Somehow before driving out there we spent the day in Dana Point, on the water hanging out with some friends on their boats. We spent the night at my younger sister’s house. It was a great way to begin my weekend.

I was able to come into work this morning and have a very productive day.  Every now and then, you should stop to drink the coffee and smell the roses; relax and have a good time. Life is short; enjoy it.  I am grateful that I am able to…in so many different ways.

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