Time for Aloha

Today I am sitting on a lanai on the west coast of Maui, just North of Lahaina. In case you did not know, Lahaina was destroyed by fire just a few short months ago. It looks like a modern day Pompeii, except that devastation is still new and very real. You are not allowed to drive through the downtown area.

I love going to sleep with the sound of waves breaking on the beach. These past two days my partner and I have been doing some volunteer work at the Maui Food Bank. I don’t know if they are used to two people like us. We don’t stop and keep working, organizing things as we go. The manager at the Food Bank struggled to find work for us to do.

I am so very grateful for the opportunities that come my way; being able to spend a few days in Maui, giving back to a community that needs some love and peace. I am grateful that I get to travel with a partner who appreciates the same things as me.

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