Three is Charmed

Crystal Cove is heaven

I really do not know why I chose that title, other than it popped into my head. With COVID-19 happening in the world a lot of things are changing; especially my plans. I was never in the military but I can hear Clint Eastwood in my ear, when he was playing the role of Gunnery Sargent Highway, “You are Marines now. You improvise. You adapt. You overcome.” That just seems to be good advice. I always try to remain positive, even when things do not go my way. Find a positive in any situation will generally result in more positive things happening in your life.

So today I am grateful for the beautiful weather that I am currently experiencing; I am grateful that I have an opportunity to keep working, during these trying times, with Dynamisoft. I am helping them develop their Warehouse Management System, MegaTrak. I am also very grateful for the beautiful, amazing Grace, who keeps pushing me and not excepting any of my excuses. She makes me a better person, every day!

So that is three; which makes the title appropriate.

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