Things get done

After banging a brick wall with a hammer, trying to break through and see some light, years of banging, I am finally able to see a crack of light.

Today I am in beautiful British Columbia, it says so right on their license plate, working with a company, implementing a new warehouse management system for them.  The software is one that I have been working with for several years now; frustrating years because it would take forever to get a system bug or change fixed.  I have been working with the owner of the software company encouraging him to hire more help, to give me more work and to generally delegate to someone anything that he could.  A couple of years ago he heard me and has been moving, very slowly, in that direction.  It is hard to let go of some control when you want everything to be perfect.

Today he joined me in British Columbia and working side by side we began to resolve some minor issues, quickly.  It was great!  He was focused; because someone else was doing some other work for him.  I was able to show him my issues and working with him, looking at the programing we were able to find and solve, quickly.  It was amazing that I could actually look at his program language, point out a flaw that I saw and have him correct it.  I am not a programmer AT ALL.  I don’t read Java, I drink it.

Today I am grateful that he is listening to those around him, who want to see him succeed and that this implementation is actually starting off smoother.  I am also grateful that the company that we are working with on the implementation was intelligent enough to understand that spending the money to have us arrive the week before going live, all most two weeks in advance, will pay dividends when we do go live.

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