The Queen Mother

Today Queen Elisabeth of England passed away. She was a force in the Royal family, leading England, (figuratively) she bucked some powers that be in her younger years, at the begininning of her reign. In her later years she showed some compassion.

I had a quick video call with my own mother today. She sounded and looked tired. The strokes and other ailgments are taking their toll on her. She was a forced to be reconged with, when she was healthy. I believe that if my mother had a motto it would be “May way or get out of the way!” She stated today that she was going to check out. I am sure that she is not enjoying having to be looked after, using a wheelchair to get around.

I am grateful for my mother. She has taught me many lessons. I love her and I am glad that I am still able to visit with her, even though we are thousands of miles away.

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