If you were not aware, I officiate soccer games; and I love it. The High School soccer season is coming to an end in the state of Arizona, this week. The playoffs will begin next week. Most of the high schools in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area of Arizona have video cameras at their fields. That being said, most of the soccer games are recorded by said cameras and I, through technology and paying a subscription fee, am able to watch the games that I have officiated. This is a great tool for me! I am able to see if my positioning on the field is good; did I miss a call or should I have let something go? It is a great tool to improve my “game” as an official.

Today, I worked in Northern California with a very good, mid-level, Warehouse Management System. We now have a tool that will allow someone to login to a Cloud server and they can watch what I am doing on my computer and they can also do the same operation that I have done, on their computer. It is like having a two-way mirror. This will help with training and problem solving, as we work with clients.

I am grateful for some of the technology that exists today. The technology that makes us better, but not lazier.

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