This evening I am flying up to the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a court hearing in the morning to, finally, complete my divorce from my wife. I have no animosity towards her; it was just time for the two of us to complete that relationship with each other. I am going to staying at the house of a very good friend’s mother. She even offered to join me in the court house as a show of support. My older brother has offered to pick me up at the airport and both of my sisters have showed me support as well.

This past weekend I was at my place of residence in Arizona, helping my partner with her remodeling of the kitchen. She is the brains and fine detail person on the project and I am the muscle and labor. I don’t feel like we accomplished as much as I would have wanted to, but we did actually get a lot done. I am glad that I was able to help out, even a little. It is looking better, more like a kitchen than just a vacant room that had a bomb explode in it.

It is a wonderful thing to receive and to give support. You see it in all areas of nature; it is not unique to just humans. Love, peace and kindness we should be there for everyone when our support is needed. If you ever need to be held up, just call.

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