Some Help!

Yesterday I sat in a conference with my attorney and soon to be ex-wife. I sat in the conference, but did not participate, this was my attorney’s meeting; he ran it. Soon after the beginning of the meeting, my attorney asked me to leave the office. Thirty minutes after the meeting began, he came and retrieved me; my wife had left the building. He gave me an update on what was accomplished.

This is one of the best meetings that I have ever had as a non-participant with my wife. I did not have to be there and we are making progress. One step forward.

I am grateful for my attorney! I am grateful for his help, support and guidance. Yes this does come with a price, but that price is worth it. While he represented me, I was able to work on other items for my clients. Sometimes paying somebody to do the work that you are able to do is worth more than the time that you would have to put into doing it yourself. This could be any part of your life, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or keeping track of your accounting for your business.

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