Social Media

I am so very grateful that my parents raised me to question and to think. We were raised without a television, intentionally; so I like to read. What I enjoy, what I find entertaining, is the crap that people post on Social Media. I could post that the moon is purple and somebody would be offended by it. It isn’t even Social Media, the news media is just as bad. Their only job is to sell commercial air time; this is done by acquiring high ratings, which means, people need to watch or listen. THEY DON’T WANT TO TELL YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH or even just state facts. They do not want the population to think for themselves, that doesn’t sell air time.

So is this rant real or am I just trying to commercialize this wonderful website that my brother has created?

Either way, I am grateful for the way that I was raised by my parents.

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