Ship Shape….

This past year and a half I have been helping a very good friend and business partner purchase a boat, and have work done on it. I used to work on boats and yachts in Newport Beach, California when I was attending Orange Coast College. I am so grateful for her trust in me; helping her with this new aspect of her life. I am a beach bum at heart and to be able to be near the ocean again, working on her boat is bringing me back to my youth.

Boat people are a different breed of humans. Boats take a lot of love and attention, meaning that they take a lot of time and money. The people who are willing to take boat ownership seriously and love their “project child”, a boat is always under project, are a wonderful, helpful, community. We have met some really wonderful people this past year and I am so grateful for this part of my life. It is a new journey, once again, one to which I am dedicated.

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