She is Okay

Last week, before the race to Ensenada, I installed a hydraulic steering pump on my partner’s boat.  Everything felt good, but it made a weird noise that I have never heard.  I want to take the boat out for a day cruise this weekend, so a weird noise, especially in the steering mechanism, is a little discomforting.

I had some time to work on it this afternoon with a friend and his suggestion, “Call the mechanic that fixed the pump.”  So I did.  The mechanic came by, said that the brass shaft is rubbing against the rubber seal, put some oil on the seal.  He looked at the install and stated that I did a good job.

I am grateful that the mechanic was willing and able to come by this afternoon, especially on short notice; that is unheard of in the boating community.  I am grateful that the pump is working properly and that I can cruise this weekend.

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