Say What?

This week I was supposed to be back in British Columbia, Canada; plans changed and my trip was postponed.  Rather than going to Canada I stayed in Arizona and contacted a couple of assignors for soccer tournaments that were being played in Southern Arizona.  I was able to officiate seven games over the course of three days.  Some really great games and some fun.  I had parents from all games tell me that they really enjoyed watching the game and the way that I officiated it.  That is always good for ones ego.

The other thing that delaying the trip to Canada is allowing me to do is attend a Passover dinner at my best friend’s mother’s house.  Since my father passed away I have not missed attending their families Seder service.  Even during Covid shut downs we had the service via Zoom.  I was really upset that I was going to have to miss this year because of work.  Now I do not have to miss it.

So I am grateful that my business trip has been cancelled and has allowed me to do things that I love to do.

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