If I followed my brother’s example, I would right a post about how I am grateful for my pet and then I would share the YouTube video of Puff the Magic Dragon.  That is what this sarcastic person, that I am, would do.

There are some upsides to sarcasm but there are some downsides as well. The upside is the humor. You can usually tell if a person is happy with life by looking at their face. As we get older we either develop Crows Feet or Laugh Lines; I prefer the latter. I enjoy humor and was raised with comedic records that my parents, siblings and I would play. If you do not know what a record is, you may not be old enough to read this post. I believe that our hearts and minds are healthier when we are able to laugh, especially at ourselves. Sarcasm is usually when we poke fun of a situation or even someone else, maybe ourselves.

The downside of sarcasm is that some people or wound up so tight they do not see the humor within the situation so they become offended. I do not like to upset people I rather try to make this world a better place for all to live. So if my sarcasm offends you, I apologize….

….but your really need to lighten up and untwist your panties.

I am grateful that my brother and I both speak sarcasm fluently and that we are able to laugh at and with each other.

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