Today I had myself a massage. I had scheduled it with a very specific masseuse; one who uses a deep pressure and incorporates stretching into the routine. This is a part of a process that I have to prepare for a soccer tournament that I am officiating in this weekend. Each game at the tournament will be either Eighty minutes or Ninety minutes long and I will be officiating at a minimum, nine games over the course of two days. I am not able to officiate on the third day, because of my school schedule, (can’t miss class).

I am looking forward to this weekend. It will be physically challenging, but it will be a lot of great soccer for me to watch, from the best seat in the house. I will be paid to stay in shape as I watch some of the best Club Soccer teams from around the country compete.

I am grateful for the opportunities, to watch and officiate these soccer matches, more importantly I am grateful for the wonderful person who massaged and stretched me out today and gave me more advice on how to keep my muscles loose throughout the weekend tournament.

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