Ramblin’ Man

Today I had the privilege of driving across two-thirds of our state.  I used Highway 99 and eventually cut over to Highway 5 in Stockton.  I stopped in Visalia, Woodland and have ended up at my sister’s house just outside of Davis.  This is a business trip and I will probably be driving back on Tuesday.

I used to hate driving on Highway 99.  It was a two lane highway that went through several cities and you would actually have to stop at traffic lights.  Yes, I am that old.  Now, I am actually preferring 99 to Highway 5.  Highway 99 is three lanes most of the way, so even if a semi-truck is in the middle lane, you can still get around them.  I can set my cruise control to 87 mph and not have to worry about it.

I am grateful that Highway 99 has expanded from a crummy country road highway into the massive traffic artery that has become.

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