Race Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of Race Week in the Los Angeles / San Pedro Habor.  Exactly one weekfrom today, on June 27th, the TransPac sailboat race begins.  I will be on one of the sailboats crossing the starting line and heading to Oahu on that day.  I am getting excited.  We had a new crew member join us this last Saturday, our last day of practice before the start of the race.  The gentleman is from Wisconsin and needed a place to stay, so I invited him to crash on my partners boat, she is out of town this week.

Last night he told me that the two Brigatine tall ships in San Pedro were hosting a free sail in the harbor, celebrating Juneteenth and watching the firework display from Cabrillo.  We went down to the dock to see if we could get on the waiting in list.  We were allowed to go aboard the Irving Johnson.  What a great time, talking with the crew, the captain and the gunner.  I think that when I return from Hawaii I will look into volunteering on this vessel and her sister ship.

The cruise around the harbor was very cool.  I was extremely impressed with the young lady who is the captain, piloting a boat that is about one-hundred feet long and not being able to see in front of her.  I asked her about it and she stated that she had a lookout up front.  That is confidence in your crew!

I am grateful that I invinted Greg to stay with me this week; the new friendships and opportunities that it is providing.

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