Progress or Digress

There certainly is a lot to be said for progress. Things became a lot easier and a whole lot closer to us after the industrial revolution; and even more so since the inception and universal use of computers. We now have access to information within seconds, all we have to do is ask Google, Alexa or Siri. My car automatically slows down when another vehicle is in front of it; I don’t always appreciate this and even yell at my car, sometimes. You may argue that as a whole the human population has become healthier, thanks to progress. I know that the average lifespan has increased.

As we progress in our technology and our ways of thinking, maybe we are digressing as well. I think that some of our personal freedoms are being compromised. If you have seen the movie Idiocracy, I think that we just maybe headed in that direction. With all of this technology, we no longer are thinking for ourselves, we allow others to do that for us. Unfortunately we do not know their agenda so we blindly accept.

I am grateful for the ability to think for myself and to use the common sense that the creator has granted me. I am grateful that I am able to continue my education in this life and that I am able to share my knowledge. I am grateful that I have the ability to love my fellow humans as well as other species.

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