People Working Together

Tomorrow morning my good friend and business partner is launching her boat back into the water after being in the shipyard for the past nine months. I am the captain of this vessel and it is supposed to be the home of my friend and partner, so for nine months she has been living on different couches waiting patiently for the work on her boat to be completed. After eight months and two weeks, I set a deadline of having her back in the water on June 3rd; didn’t quite make it, but at 0630 tomorrow morning she will splash. It took a lot of work from a bunch of different people, pushing hard to make it happen. Innovative ideas, running around Southern California picking up parts and a whole lot of not taking, “it can’t be done”.

So today I am grateful for all of the help that we have received and all of the people who have worked their ass off to make this old boat into a beautiful lady. Sail HO!

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