Peaceful life

Tomorrow, around the world, people will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most of these people believe that he is the son of God or that he was God in a human form. That he was the messiah that is spoken of in the Torah/ Old Testament bible. This belief is pretty much the basis for all of Christian based religions.

Whether you believe this or not, it is hard to argue that he was not a great teacher and prophet. I believe that if all mankind followed his teachings, then there would be no need for armies around the world. If we all followed the lessons that he taught, then it would be hard to find any hunger or poverty. We would all live as a family, helping one another.

It is not an easy way to live. I do know some Christians who do embody the teachings of Christ; not because they want to blow their horns and call attention to what good Christians they are, but because they do believe that Jesus is God on Earth. They take care of those around them, because it is the right thing to do. I am trying to live my life this way. It is not always easy.

Today I am grateful for those around me, who remind me of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those who remind me to put myself into the shoes of others. I am grateful for Love and Peace.

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