Past That One

Two very special things happened today, that I am so very grateful for.

The first is….The United States Men’s Soccer team won their third game of the group stage at the FIFA World Cup Tournament; this means that they now advance on to the group of Sixteen, better know as the Knock Out Stage.  The team will play Netherlands on Saturday morning.  They are a young team; they look good and are doing a great job of representing the United States.  Pure Class!  Even when being interviewed.  Go Team USA!  Keep up the good work.

The second thing that I am grateful for, today, is Grace and I were scheduled to donate blood platelets today and usually her iron is too low and she is not able to donate.  She will sit in the lobby and wait the hour and a half that it takes for me  to donate.  Today was a little different.  She was able to donate, but since I had donated a Power Red donation less than sixteen weeks ago, I was not allowed to donate today.  So I had to wait in the lobby.  This was okay because they had the US World Cup Game showing on the TV.

I am grateful that Grace was able to donate blood today and that the USA Men’s Soccer team is still in the World Cup Tournament.


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