New Beginnings

Today I am grateful for the chance that I receive every day to begin a new life. I thank the creator every morning for allowing me to live a new day.

Make the most of it! If you are going to complain about your current situation, take some time to reflect on what is good in your life; you them may want to decide on a plan of action that would change your current status.

You are quarantined in your house and bummed because you do not have an income and the government is sticking it to you; as well as all of the people who are ignoring the severity of COVID-19, (I may be one of them, maybe not). Well if you have be sequestered from the beginning of this insane madness, you probably could have learned a new skill or language by now, that you could use for monetary value.

Every day is a new life! I am grateful for that!

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