Navigating Life

Yesterday was a whirlwind! Several opportunities that I have been working on and waiting on all happened at once! This has created some work for me and if it all moves forward, don’t know why it won’t, there are some busy times ahead of me. I am looking forward to it. The wonderful thing about life, it is just like a trip in an auto, plane or boat. You know what your destination is, you plot your course and if you follow it, you eventually arrive at your destination. You may deviate occasionally from the course, but you have a map or a chart that help you get back on course.

Today I am grateful for all of the navigators who have traveled before me; who have charted the course for me to follow. I will deviate and I may plot my own course, but I will also arrive at my destination. I will probably plot another journey once I do arrive. I am also grateful for those who personally help me and guide me; who love me and support me.

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