Meine Schwestern

Today I am so very grateful for my two sister’s who are in Nicaragua staying with our mother. They arrived there on Friday and spent that day and Saturday with my mom at the hospital in Managua. After having discussions with the medical staff and then a discussion with our mother they went to work on moving our mom from Managua back to her condo on the beach. It is such a peaceful, beautiful place and it is where our mom wants to be for the short remainder of her life.

I was able to face-time with my sisters and mom this morning; I am extremely grateful for that as well. I could see that our mother was happier at the beach, rather than in a hospital. There is so much work still to be done and my sisters are there working on it.

I am grateful that I have two very strong women as my sisters and that they have taken on this task, which is not easy at all. I love all three of you ladies, who are at a condo in Rancho Santana.

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