Long Days

This past weekend was looonnnggggg. The United States of America celebrated it’s independence day on Thursday, July 4th; so I took July 5th off from work, which made it a four day weekend.

Two of the four days were spent with my oldest child and his significant other. It was great to see him and spend time with him and I really like his girlfriend. It is funny though how similar he and I are. It is like watching myself curse at other drivers… On Friday the two of them joined me and two other friends as we motored a boat from San Pedro to Chula Vista; about a nine hour trip. It was perfect! The ocean was calm, we saw dolphins and everybody was able to drive the boat throughout the trip.

Saturday I drove the two friends back up to San Pedro after I took my beautiful partner to Barona Casino and Spa; she had a golf tournament to go to. It was a long day of driving my car and I slept great that night. Dinner was back at Barona where we enjoyed the company of three other friends and some great food. I have left overs for days.

Sunday I spent the whold day washing the boat and straightening somethings out on the inside. It was a beautiful day.

I am grateful for time spent with family and friends doing things that are truly enjoyable. I am blessed!

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