Let Freedom Ring

This is the Thursday before the Fourth of July weekend. The weekend that the United States of America celebrates it’s independence from England. This had me wondering this morning if England has an independence day that it celebrates. If they do, it must go back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Things have really changed these past Thirty years, here in the good old USA. I think that the people who run our government are mostly knuckleheads with their heads placed somewhere where the sun is not shining. I wonder if any of them have ever taken and passed an economics course. I also wonder if they really do care about “We the People”. All of that being said, I still have the right to voice my opinion without being arrested or harassed by the government. I can say that I am hoping that the Common Sense Party will rise up and take over, replacing the two major parties that exist within our government.

So today I am still grateful that I live in a country that has protected some certain unalienable rights from the very beginning of the country’s inception.

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