It’s a New Year

I will be honest with you; I was asleep by 10:30 at night on New Year’s Eve. I did not watch any New Year’s activities or shows. I believe that I watched an old western movie and went to sleep. The lady that I love was not with me and I had to be on a soccer field by 08:15 the next morning, so early to bed and early to rise.

I have recently moved to Arizona and I have registered with the State’s Soccer Referee Association; this now makes me eligible to officiate soccer games for USSF affiliated games throughout the state. Meanwhile back in the state of California, the COVID-19 pandemic has once again brought life to a halt, unless you can show that your job is essential.

Every year, around this time, the SURF soccer association holds a huge tournament in San Diego California, giving college scouts a chance to look at players for recruitment. Holding any type of sporting event in California is not possible right now, except maybe golf and even that is limited. So SURF moved their tournament to the Phoenix area. So I am grateful that I now live in Arizona and that I was able to officiate nineteen games over the two weekends that the tournament was held. Officiating all day, over a five day period, helped the time that I am spending away from my loving lady fly by. I am also grateful for getting back into shape, very quickly.

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