It is Good

This past weekend was a fantastic weekend! I did not want it to end. It was spent with a very special friend that I had not seen for several weeks and we just had a great time, working, playing and just relaxing. It ended too soon.

Yesterday and today I have been working with a client that I, in the past, really did not care to work with. The culture of the people managing the business was not inline with my culture or training. As I left the company today I congratulated the new managers and supervisors on the work that they are doing. They are embracing best practice processes and are truly eager to learn and improve. I cannot wait to return and see how things are going.

I have also been doing some work for a friend and his company, helping create a new product. There has been promises of payment and I am sure that there will be. When we spoke this evening, the interest in his new product is really heating up and it looks like we will all be busy; so maybe these promises will be fulfilled sooner, rather than later.

This evening as I looked out the window of my top floor hotel room, the view of the foothills and mountains in the background was just magnificent! Then as the sun set and the pastel pink color of the clouds adding to the scene, I think that I thanked the lord for his artwork more than once.

I am grateful for everything above, because it is good!

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