Is it Live or Memorex?

This week I was supposed to be traveling to Canada for a business trip; the trip was postponed by the Canadians so I stayed home.  Since I did not have to travel, my partner invited me to attend a jazz concert with her and two other friends out in Temecula; about an hour and a half drive from where I was staying.  I am so glad that I went to the show.  The show was put together by saxophonist #michaelpaulo and featured #blakeaaron #steveoliver and #willdenato; Michael came up on stage and played with them as well. An intimate setting; great music and friends to enjoy it with.

I am very grateful that I was invited and chose to go. I almost didn’t. I love music, all different genres. My mood for music changes often and quickly so I am always listening to different types of music. So I am grateful for the first neanderthal who banged on an empty log thinking to themselves, “dang, this sounds good and I am talented”.

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