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Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Cohn of the Cohn Health Center in Costa Mesa California. The appointment was made for me by my partner, Grace. I usually have a physical every year about this time of year, so I agreed and went to the appointment. The only thing that I knew about Doctor Cohn is that he is the inventor of the Seacret Supplement line of health products and that if you want to have a consultation with him, you have to book the appointment at least two months out. I really had no idea what to expect from this visit.

As I waited in the reception room watching the movie Elf that was playing on the TV on the wall, I also looked at the books that were in the bookcase. I could tell that this was not a normal medical doctors office. When I finally met with Dr. Cohn, he was a very energetic, friendly man. He described his thoughts about the body and medicine. He is a very holistic practitioner, which I really appreciated. Everything that he said to me as we went through the exam made total sense to me. He was dead on with what he said about my body and what it was doing. I didn’t tell him anything about my work or living history, yet he said that I had toxins in my body from being around pesticides too much. Hmmm, I used to work for a landscape supply company, lived on a vineyard and used a ton of Roundup around my old house. Spot ON!

So, I am very grateful that Grace made the appointment for me. I am very grateful that I met Dr. Cohn and I am extremely grateful that he is willing to work with me.

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