I cry a little

I learn from my mistakes, sometimes it takes me longer than it should, but if I learn, then it is all good. I know that today I am a better person than I was yesterday because I am open to learning. Sometimes these lessons hurt. I evaluate and look at where I can make a correction and then I hope to improve. As I move through this life one of my major goals is to make this world a better place for all to live. Sometimes I hurt myself and or the people around me that I love and care for.

I am trying to walk a similar path to the one that Jesus Christ walked; full of love and understanding for all. He taught forgiveness all they way through to his demise. I am working on improving myself and trying to spread our Creator’s love and light to all. This is not always easy. I remember teasing my brother at one time in his life, because he would never say anything if it would cause someone some pain. Having a conversation with my brother during this period of his life was difficult because he would take several minutes to answer you; as he thought about how what he was going to say and how it could affect someone. I get what he was doing and I am no where near doing that, but I do try to show love for everyone that I come in contact with. It is hard to forgive when you have been hurt physically, mentally or emotionally.

I am grateful for my brother Greg, my brother in-law Brian Bent, my sister’s Leah and Rivka, my cousin Jeff Stark and my beautiful partner Grace Harley. They all help keep me walking on a path that I hope and pray helps make this world a better place for all to live.

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