High in the Sky

Today as I was returning from my class, listening to the jazz station on the radio, High Hopes sung by Frank Sinatra came on. I am slowly learning that if the mind can think it, it can be achieved. I realize that it is not easy; there is going to be some hard work and battles fought. If the mind can think it, it can be achieved. There are still too many people out there who do not believe this. I am grateful for those that do. It is because of the people who do believe this that I was able to drive to and from my class; in an automobile that had vulcanized rubber tires and a radio for me to listen to.

I am also grateful for the people who are in my life that subscribe to this chain of thought as well. My brother Greg, one of my good friends and coach, Tom Hart and my partner in this life, Grace Harley. I am grateful and I love you all. Who knows where this ship is going to land; but I am having fun being the captain and charting new courses.

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