Go Another Round

With all of the World Cup Hype that is going on, I almost forgot that I needed to reregister with the United States Soccer Federation as a referee.  This is something that has to be done every year; a background check and completing a series of written/online tests and depending on your level of officiating, possibly a physical test as well.  Last week I spent a whole evening online completing my written test requirement.   Today I received notification that I passed and that I am an active official for the year 2023.  I am grateful for this.

I love the sport of soccer/futbol!  I thought that I may want to pull back on my officiating this next year and just concentrate on sailing and cruising on the ocean, getting my sea time, but my partner, Grace, convinced me to officiate a couple of tournaments recently and even though it was hard to walk after the first tournament I had a blast.

I am grateful for the beautiful sport and the beautiful lady who encourages me to continue participating in it.

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