“What do you want from life?” What a profound question. I am pretty sure that what we want is constantly changing. I know that what I want now is much different that when I was in High School or college. I think that no matter what we want and what we work for or strive to be, we should always be happy. This is not always easy, but it should be at least number two on the list of things that you want.

1. Have excellent health.
2. Be happy

I am grateful that I am pretty much, very happy with my life. If you were to ask me how I am doing, I would probably answer, “Excellent!” I continue to forage through life, looking for and learning new things. This week I may contact a Yacht/Boat broker and ask if I can learn how to sell boats. Something new and it is close to the ocean. Peter Pan once said, “I won’t grow up.” I don’t think that I will either.

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