Today is the last day of the year, 2020. Some people, at least a lot of people on social media, are saying good riddance 2020. I am wondering if they think that tomorrow morning they will wake up and the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be gone? Is the year 2021 really going to be so much better than 2020? Not if our thoughts about life don’t change.

I have stated it many times, our thoughts and reactions affect the outcome of different situations. A person who focuses on the positive is more apt to have a life that is cheery, happy and full of pleasant occurrences. This past year has been interesting and I was not able to do some things that I enjoy doing; but for the most part, I continued to live my life in joy and happiness. I am going say one more time, for the last time in 2020, that a lot of that is because a lot of my time was spent with Grace and she makes me very happy.

So today I am grateful for all that 2020 has taught me and brought to me. I am grateful for my own common sense; and that I live in a country that allows me to use and operate on my common sense. I am not restricted in my movements, my business or my health. These are rights that still belong to me and my choices.

I think that 2021 has the possibility to be a great year for everyone if we all shared in the peace and love of our creator. Rather than arguing over something as ridiculous as politics, let us watch out for one another and spread love and joy.


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