Day 1

Today is the first day of the first start of the Transpac sailboat race; this is the start of my adventure with my crew of the Imagine Too.  I am figuring that it will take us fourteen to sixteen days to cross the Pacific Ocean from Point Fermin to the Light House Point at Diamond Head on Oahu.  We have done some safety drills, we have practiced sailing in high winds, reefing the main sail; we have two life rafts aboard and have sailed with a drouqe, (sea anchor).  I believe that we are about as ready as a team can be, especially when this team lives all over the United States of America; there are not too many opportunities to practice together as a team.

I am so grateful for this opportunity of a life-time.  Many people think about and wish to race in the Transpac, it is one of the elite ocean races of the world.  Many sailboats and crews come from all over the world to sail in this race.  I am participating in it for the first time.  My blessings are many and God is Great!

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