Daily Life

Things certainly are not getting back to normal. I used to only wear a mask when I was working in a dusty situation; now I keep one in my car and a few extras in my backpack. Rather than wait in line inside of the bank, I wait in a line outside, six feet from the person in front of me and I am six feet in front of the person behind me. I don’t see anything changing about that any time soon. I guess that I can get used to having to ask my waiter to repeat themselves because I cannot understand what they say through their masks.

I always try to look at the good side of a bad situation. Today I am grateful that the airlines are not selling their flights to total plane capacity. It is rather nice to be able to sit in a whole row by myself; or that my travel companion and I can relax in a whole row, putting all of our carry on in the over-head space. It may not be good for the airlines, but I do like and I am grateful that I do not feel like a sardine anymore when I fly.

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