Cooler Heads Prevail

I am a self proclaimed Ready, Fire, Aim, type of person. I think of something and if it tickles my fancy, I charge ahead. I do not always think things through completely. I am lucky, blessed and grateful to have people in my life who help me adjust my aim. People who have experience or who have a different way of viewing my plan.

I am grateful for these people who are in my life; and I am grateful that my ego allows me to listen to their counsel and weigh their advise. We postponed a project “Go Live” this week and it was the right decision. As much as I wanted to prove that we could go live, and we could, it is wiser and safer for us to postpone for just a couple of weeks.

So this weekend instead of working hard on implementing a Warehouse Management System, I will do some errands around the abode. I am grateful for that as well.

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