Back in 2020 when everyone was sequestered my partner stood in our kitchen and decided that it needed to be completely changed. So we ripped down the cupboard, threw away the sink, tore down a wall or two and began the process of rebuilding it. My partner is an excellent contractor and is doing all of the work herself. The only issue with this is that we both have been working in Southern California with other clients so we have not been home to work on our own place. Needless to say, it has not been easy living in a place that doesn’t have a kitchen.

The good news and what I am so grateful for is that these past two months we have been here more and the work is getting done. Grace is an amazing person with some incredible patience. This place is going to be incredible when it is finished….soon. Grace is looking forward to having and using her new stove and oven; I am just looking forward to having a working kitchen sink.

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