Continuing Education

This past weekend I attend the first ever Referee Summit at the US Soccer Coaches Conference. WOW! Talk about a fantastic weekend. Several of my FIFA referee hero’s were in attendance as well as referees from around the USA and even some from other countries. In two days I learned so much; and being able to approach a FIFA or CONCAF referee or Director and talk with them one on one casually… I was in referee heaven. I learned that for the most part, I am doing things correctly on the field of play or “Pitch”; but it is always good to have these things reinforced so that we don’t forget or try to get bigger than the game.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this summit; to meet, talk and take photos with some of my hero’s. I am grateful that Dr. Joe Machnik and Esse Baharmast put this summit together and that US Soccer saw fit to include it with the Coach’s Conference. Most importantly, I am grateful that when I talked of not going and canceling my reservation, Grace talked me out of it. I am better for having attended.

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