Beautiful Weekend!

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend! I spent it with a very good, long time friend, some of my family and my beautiful partner, Grace. We all came together to celebrate the moving of Grace into her new home.

Sunday morning several of us boarded Sur La Mer and then we proceeded to move her out into the ocean and up the California coast. We cruised at a slow speed of about Seven knots; which made the trip a little longer, but allowed us to spot sea lions and dolphins swimming. A couple of the dolphins decided to play in the bow wave of Sur La Mer, which was really cool to watch. I have heard about it and seen it on videos, but to see it in person, that was cool!

It was a beautiful day, on a beautiful yacht, shared with some beautiful people. I am grateful for sharing and enjoying the opportunity and trip. I am looking forward to many more such trips with friends and family. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that the creator has provided me with.

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