Yesterday morning was spent teaching some local high school students about power boat safety and handling. One of the local high schools has a boat operations class; one of their former students arranged for two of the classes to take a field trip to the Orange Coast College Professional Mariners Program. The students were divided into two different groups; one group was being taught on the water, in seventeen-foot Boston Whaler boats, learning boat handling and the nautical “rules of the road”. The other group was in the 360 degree, full bridge, simulator, learning about what it takes to operate a large ship; they then went to individual simulators where each student was able to control their own, smaller, ship. It was a great experience for both the students as well as for me. I really do love educating others, sharing my knowledge.

Today I crewed on a Corporate Charter, as First Mate, for just a short cruise around Huntington Harbor. The passengers were from all over the country; some as far away as Boca Raton, Florida. As I serviced the guests, I would share my knowledge about the local buildings and answered questions that were asked. I often say that any day on the water is a good day; yesterday and today proved it.

I am so very grateful for this new part of my life and I am absolutely grateful that I have a partner and friend who is supporting what I am doing.

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