This morning I was reading an article on autonomous vessels; that is vessels not vehicles. While I was reading, I wondered what my father would think about all of the technology that we have today. My father was 59 years old when he passed away and home computers, the internet and mobile cell phones were just starting to make their appearances. My father was an electrical engineer who had worked on missiles, satellites and computers. He embraced technology and worked to find ways to improve upon it. He was also a peace loving man. He embraced the human race and wanted there to be peace for all.

I miss my father, but I did have a quick conversation with him this morning, asking him what he thought of autonomous vessels and vehicles. I believe that he said that it was some cool technology, especially when used for researching or going somewhere too dangerous for a person to go. I also think that he would caution that when writing the programs for these vehicles that it is done with love and peace; that the creator/God should not be forgotten.

I am so grateful for the time that I was able to spend with my father, in his short life. I am grateful for the things that he taught me. I am grateful that I am a little bit like him as well.

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  1. Greg Wilker says:

    ok… song choice brought some tears… that’s a solid, my brother

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