Another One

This past weekend I officiated at a soccer tournament in Mesa Arizona for the Elite Clubs National League, (ECNL), boys, Under 15 and Under 16. This was a great tournament. I was able to watch teams from all over the country play as well as officiate with other referees from all over the country. I was assessed and coached by USSF National Referee Coaches; and it was a great learning experience. It usually is when being assessed. I do not think that I ran as many miles this past weekend as I had with the Girls ECNL tournament the previous weekend. My legs are not as tired, and I found it easier to walk on the Monday afterward.

I am very grateful for the health that I have, being able to officiate a sport that I love to watch; and doing so at a high level of club play. I believe that I will continue to officiate as long as my body allows.

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