Another Day, Another Ocean

Another day and well it was the same ocean; I do have a new scab on the top of my head though.  Here it is the first day of June and I am still waiting for the sun to make an appearance.  Yesterday I piloted a neighbor’s Forty foot boat over to the boatyard to have the bottom painted.  I really need to learn how to duck on a boat, especially when I am in the engine room or going up stairs.  Later in the afternoon I spent time on the Imagine Too, a Forty-four foot sailboat.  We had a gentleman from the sail making company onboard.  He was showing us the proper way to use the Asymmetrical sail and giving us some tips for when we sail to Hawaii at the end of this month.

I am very grateful that Brendan from UK Sails spent the afternoon with us, educating us on the sail and the boat.  Sharing his time and his knowledge.

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