“And in everyone’s life, comes a little rain.”

The question is, are you upset because something happened in your life that at the moment seems like you are getting rained on or do you just pull your coat around you a little tighter and continue to move forward.

I am so very grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life who help me to move forward. As I was preparing to sail to Hawaii from Long Beach, California, this past summer, I had people warn me that I needed to purchase foul weather gear and clothing so that I would stay dry and warm. I asked why if it rains on me or a wave crashes over me…it is just water. The first part of the trip certainly is cooler but still, it is just water and I have officiated soccer games in freezing rain, so it is just water. I prefer to be like a duck and let the water roll off my back while I continue to fly.

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