This afternoon I took two different tests for my boating class. The tests made up my mid-term for the class as well as certifying me with U.S. Sailing/ U.S. Powerboating for their Safe Power Boating course as well as the State of California’s Safe Boaters Card. So there were two tests that constituted the one mid-term. I am happy to say that I received 100% on both tests; so I aced my mid-term. Yea me! This doesn’t mean that I am able to handle a boat out on the water, but at least I know the laws of intercoastal navigation.

I studied hard for these tests, so I wasn’t too worried about them. So today I am grateful for my study partner and partner in life, Grace. She made studying easy and fun. We both learned a lot while we studied together, in fact, Grace is ready to take her California Safe Boaters exam. So I am grateful for her and I am grateful that I now have two of my four certifications that I am working towards obtaining.

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