A place to hang a hat

These past few months have been weird, to say the least, with all of the new rules for dealing with COVID-19. I have been moving around working at different places and staying in different places. This morning I woke up and literally did not know where I was. Last night was the first night that I have been home in the past three nights and before that I was only home one night before leaving again. It is not a fun way to live.

What I am grateful for is that I have stayed in some really nice places and I have stayed with some family. It is always nice hanging out with family rather than a hotel somewhere. The rules for the hotels have changed and it is not so bad, but I prefer to hangout with my family. So I am grateful for all of the brothers and sisters who have allowed me to hang my hat at their domiciles as well as allowing me to use their laundry facilities.

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