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Aaron Wilker

Livin’ and lovin’ it!

I am just grateful for the life that I have and live… Life is Good!  Or is it, Life is Great!  Whatever it is, I am grateful for it.  I thank the lord everyday for all that he has given… Continue Reading →


I recently looked back to when my brother and I first created this blog, posting on a weekly basis things that we are grateful for.  Today, this week and forever, I am grateful for my older brother, Greg.  He and… Continue Reading →

More happenings….

It has been a great week with multiple opportunities abound.   I am grateful for the solid base that I am building this road of life on.

Very Grateful

Positive attracts positive and so I am grateful that the good lord has given me the fortitude to remain positive.

Enjoying It!

Well it has now been almost one year, since I left PooCorp/Horizon Distributors Inc. , and went out on my own, consulting as a Distribution/Logistics Consultant, as well as sourcing freight for companies.  I can honestly say that it is… Continue Reading →

It is that time of year that I really love….summer is on its way here.  It has been getting gradually warmer all week; which is good, because Sunday was freezing cold.  It was June 11th and it snowed in the… Continue Reading →

Life is but a Dream…

For some reason, that song just popped into my head.  “Life is but a dream….”.  I am grateful that my life is a dream and not a nightmare.  This is my choice, I am sure.  I am usually surrounded by… Continue Reading →

Why Title things?

Hmmm.  There is a lot to be grateful for!  My younger son is finishing up his junior year at college; he tells me with A’s and B’s.  He is working hard, so that he can get into a good medical… Continue Reading →

Opportunities Abound

This past week was spent at a WERC related conference; yes that is spelled correctly.  I was at the national convention for the Warehouse Education and Research Council; I co-hosted a Peer 2 Peer discussion on Tuesday afternoon, on developing… Continue Reading →

And so it goes…

So many times I remind myself and others that positive attracts positive and that negative attracts negative.  So I always try to be positive; I always tell people that I am excellent, when asked how I am doing.  I am… Continue Reading →

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