The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Aaron Wilker

Strong Support

When you are standing in a storm, it is always nice to have some sort of shelter.  Today was a storm!  A lot of different things were going on, both professionally and personally. I was able to talk with a… Continue Reading →

Good things happen if you allow them.

This evening I am very grateful for all of the good things that have come my way, throughout my life; and the good things that are still to come. I am very blessed and I am very grateful for all… Continue Reading →

Helping others …. or myself.

Lately I have been thinking about how I can help my fellow humans; all of them, the people who are all around me.  How can I be a beacon of light and love for this world?  What can I do… Continue Reading →

It is as it is

Today I really have a lot to be grateful for. There is a long list of things. First, I woke up! So every day that I wake up, I am grateful. It is another day of learning and enjoying this… Continue Reading →

It is a beautiful Day!

This past weekend in the United States of America we celebrated Labor Day. I really am not too familiar with the history of Labor Day, other than most people get the Monday off, so they have a three day weekend…. Continue Reading →

Fresh Fish

Let me pile onto my previous post.  One of the nice things about working in Seattle during the summer is that there is no shortage of fresh fish; especially if you like salmon.  Me personally, I have had enough of… Continue Reading →


Hmm, have I used that title before?  Today I am writing this from my hotel room in the Seattle area of Washington.  I have been here for three months, so far; and I do not know when I will be… Continue Reading →


Three weeks ago, I was bored, sitting in my hotel room in the Seattle area.  I decided to look up Catholic churches by my hotel; for some reason I was in the mood to go to church.  I am not… Continue Reading →

Blessed Mary

Today, in the Catholic world, it is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven.  So today I am grateful for my mother who, along with my father, did an incredible job of raising me and my siblings.  My… Continue Reading →

It is Thursday….

What does that mean to you, the title?  To me, today, it means that I am working the night shift for a full physical inventory at the warehouse that has employed my services.  It will probably be a twelve hour… Continue Reading →

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