Ride or Die

I am grateful for the person I haven’t met yet… and a long, slow burn into a sunset.

Fuzzy Little Man Peach

I am grateful for the zany, crazy, absurd, ridiculous, amusingly, unconventional, idiosyncratic, eccentric, bizarre, weird, peculiar, quirky, unconventional, off-center, strange, outlandish, ludicrous, mad, insane, clownish, madcap, silly, lighthearted, waggish, wacky, screwy, nutty, cracked, oddball, off the wall, way out, dippy, cuckoo, daft, kooky, wacko, and in left field.

What is, What is not

There is so much to be grateful for. Meeting new friends and family; helping others with situations. Being alive is a good reason to be grateful.

Light Lee

I am grateful for the presence of mind to know I am no worse and no better then no other. It makes it easy for me to breathe — this realization. g’night


Ich hab eine grosse liebe fur schlafen.  Really it is nice to be able to sleep in. I am grateful that I was able to do so today.  

Two in a Row, Ho

What am I grateful for tonight? The company kept; was nice to speak freely. What will I be grateful for tomorrow? For things I wept; it’s nice to clean house.

Other Things

I am grateful for the people that keep bringing alternative narratives to experiences. And holy holy… some people are bat shit crazy in my humble (really? humble??) opinion. I guess I am grateful for some strength to lay waste to the grounds and walk away. I know they have their story. And I’m the nemesis…

My Brother….. in-law

This evening I was able to spend a little time talking with my brother in-law. He has been my spiritual mentor for the past ten or more years. He has helped me increase my faith in God. Tonight it was more about me helping him. I was able to tell him that he does make…

My Brother

I don’t know… today is one of those days when I made a mistake that followed me through the day. Fell off the wagon, as it were. Not literally; I don’t own a wagon—and haven’t seen one in Marin in many a day. Just… made a mistake. Anyway; it happens. So—I am grateful for every…

Good things

Patience is a virtue so they say. It is hard to be patient in the world today. Self gratification is what most people want. To help someone else, shun that thought. I am grateful to be surrounded by like minded people who share a faith in the creator and his prophets. People who work hard…

Nails and Slivers

I am grateful for this creative life I live. I am grateful for the mucho support I receive to live it. I am grateful for the beautiful essence of this painful life. I shall die another day; and dream another night… Thank you, Jesus. I shall continue to revel in the noise and know the…

Sister (perfect advice)

I am very happy to be experiencing my first attempt at directing and producing a play I wrote. And things are quite challenging; not just for me. I was not feeling very hopeful after an impromptu production meeting this afternoon. My sister had just the perfect advice, in a very nicely concise moment. I am…