The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



on a clear day

Today I am grateful for the bird’s eye view… The ability to have space and air in which to breath calmly—while also remaining in the midst of stormy weather and heated emotion. In this place we can see that everyone… Continue Reading →

just enough… for another step

what do i see all around me? trails and tribulations—pain ‘nd sorrow sometimes hard to see a reason for tomorrow rents and mortgages due struggling to see the reasoning in the rule and what do i see? another sunny sunrise… Continue Reading →

days like these

it is imminent that i shall cease to exist and i will no longer be what i never was my imagined sense of being will roll in long credits across a white, wide screen and we will know the end… Continue Reading →

i am grateful. i am alive.

i am close to turning fifty. it seems like a turning point to me; poignant with meaning that i cannot place into words. some agree with me—about turning fifty. some don’t. and isn’t that the way of it? the mystical… Continue Reading →

One More Time

I am grateful for the limitless wonder… Last night was sleepless, my mind wandering into dark alleys and chaotic scenarios of horror and madness. And through (most of) it, I breathed and found peace. I’d like to think there is… Continue Reading →

oh, my my

Last night my daughter and wife went to the emergency room for x-rays… I just watched some footage from the UC Davis pepper spray incident… Yesterday, I saw some withering photos from the tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquake damage that have… Continue Reading →

For being Alive

Today, I am grateful for so much. Today is my birthday… I am forty-nine today. I approach the curve in the road ahead with ease and excitement – and a little trepidation. The bend that turns the direction in which… Continue Reading →


Today, MLK gives me hope. His life gives me a sense of peace – a sense of rest… and I look forward to the view from the mountain top that Reverend King spoke of.

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